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Personalised, Focused approach to managing your property

Unlike other Airbnb management companies, our aim isn’t to have the largest market share. Many of our clients come to us from larger firms because of the personable service we are known for. Our approach means that we can provide the best experience to you, really focus on your property and achieve the best returns and service you deserve.

“Nothing but great things to say about Superhost+. Chris has done an amazing job at creating a more personal and bespoke host experience that provides real value and support to anyone thinking of renting out their property on Airbnb. Always responsive, always helpful and going above and beyond. Cannot recommend these guys more! 5 *****”

-Bertie W.

Flexible And Bespoke Service

With our own pricing management, bespoke customer portals, customised guest guidebooks, copywriters and interior designers, our in-house team can quickly tailor everything to your specific needs.

With the ability to seamlessly switch between short term, medium term and long-term lets we can switch between management styles as the customer chooses or as the market dictates. Not only is this approach unique in the industry but it also ensures that there are no vacant periods leading to more revenue for you.

“Finally found an Airbnb management service i can trust. Chris treats my home like its his own which is a refreshing change. A great company to deal with”

-David D.

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Customer satisfaction

60% of new customers come from glowing referrals from past customers.

8+ years in West London

We’re highly experienced in managing Airbnbs in West London and surrounds.

An eye for detail

Attractive listings. Home décor. Guest management. Even the legal stuff. We take care of every detail.

We're a Whatsapp Away

Easily reachable and always responsive.

Trust and Transparency

We pride ourselves on being open with clients whilst developing and maintaining long-term relationships.

We make the hard stuff easy.

Let’s have a no-commitment chat about listing your property on Airbnb. I’ll walk you through the whole process, so you know what to expect.

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anthony jamesanthony james
22:59 28 Oct 22
Great service from Superhost Plus. Attention to detail and communication with these guys has consistently been good. It’s difficult to manage a London Airbnb from the other side of the UK and yet they made it feel all so smooth and easy.
I have nothing but good words to say about Chris and the team. Chris's management is right up there with the best and he runs his team effectively. When I am back in Venezuela, I leave Chris to take care of all my London properties, both normal as well as Airbnb short term lets.
abubakr ishtiaqabubakr ishtiaq
08:24 31 Aug 22
I am visually impaired and it's often difficult to do the most simple of tasks. So knowing that Chris and the Superhost Plus team had my back has been a godsend to me. He manages my Ealing property as well as my ones up North. Highly recommended person and Airbnb management service.

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Meet Chris - your Kingston and Richmond Airbnb Manager

Chris Pitzioris

West London Airbnb Manager

Hi I’m Chris, your Kingston, Richmond and West London Airbnb Manager.

I have a lifetime of experience in the hospitality industry. Starting from a child working in my father’s restaurant taught me the importance of creating the best experience for customers. I take this experience through to today to ensure that all our Airbnb guests have the most pleasant stay possible.

Having stayed at countless hotels, guesthouses, Airbnbs and even hostels across the world, I know what guests want to make their stays special. Combine this with over 20 years’ management experience, I know what it takes to manage your Airbnb successfully.

You can read more about me and my experience on my Linkedin profile.

If you are interested in having your Airbnb managed, be sure to contact me and I’d be delighted to help out, otherwise please read some of our insider ‘over and above’ London Airbnb Management tips below which can help you help your guests have an incredible stay.


11 Tips to Become a Kingston / Richmond Superhost

Becoming a Kingston or Richmond superhost requires hard work. But we’ll help you become one if you follow the tips listed below. 

Remember, like all new ventures, there’s always a learning curve. From thoughtful welcome treats to take-home presents, here’s how you can go above and beyond in welcoming your guests.

11 Airbnb Hosting Tips from Kingston and Richmond's Leading Airbnb Management Company

1. Furnish Your Space with Local Art Pieces

Most Airbnb guests prefer an authentic, local experience. You can provide this by decorating your space with local art pieces. So, hit up the art galleries in West London and shop for paintings and other decorative arts made by local artists.

Solitude III Painting representing Brentford Courthouse by from Natalia Lewandowska
Solitude III Painting representing Brentford Courthouse by from Natalia Lewandowska

For instance, if your property is somewhere in Brentford, you can hang this Solitude III Painting from Natalia Lewandowska. It’s a large-scale painting featuring the Brentford County Court.

If you want something bright to decorate your walls, check out the paintings of Eve Pettitt, a West London artist with a studio in Hammersmith, who uses bold oil colours to create dramatic landscapes and semi-abstract portraits.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Aside from paintings, you can hang framed posters of your local neighbourhood. For instance, you can purchase this Black and White poster of Notting Hill. Frame it and hang it on the wall of your West London Airbnb.

Black and White poster of Notting Hill
Black and White poster of Notting Hill

These artworks will give your guests that local feel, which is one way to make a great first impression.

2. Go Over and Above What You Put in Your West London Airbnb Listing

If you want to become a West London Superhost, it’s not enough that you provide your guests with a clean and comfortable place to stay – make an effort to go above and beyond what you put in your listing. In doing so, you are more likely to receive a positive review, which could make you a superhost soon.

A colourful box of biscuits from Biscuiteers
A colourful box of biscuits from Biscuiteers

For Airbnb hosts in Notting Hill, reach out to Biscuiteers and order their personalised biscuits to welcome your guests. Find out if your guests are celebrating a special occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary, and greet them with colourful biscuits. Such a gesture is guaranteed to captivate your guests, something they will remember long after they leave your property.

3. Write To Guests A Week Before They Arrive and Introduce Them to West London

Sending your guests a welcome letter a week before they arrive is a great way to win them over before they have even checked into your West London property. Many superhosts would say that one of the recipes for their success is a well-written welcome letter. It creates a positive first impression and presents you as the kind of host who genuinely cares for the guests.

Your welcome letter should include important information about your West London property and everything you want to communicate to guests regarding their stay. You can also talk a bit about your neighbourhood and include a list of activities they can enjoy in the area.

Goring Gap and the Thames Path, West London
Goring Gap and the Thames Path, West London

If you get a response, take this opportunity to get to know your guests even more. Have a small chat and ask about their likes and dislikes. If they are outdoorsy and are into hiking, offer suggestions on where they can enjoy a scenic walk in your area. For instance, if you are in Paddington, suggest the Goring Gap and the Thames Path, which starts in Goring & Streatley station and ends in Pangbourne.

If you are in Notting Hill and you found out your guests are fans of Hugh Grant, which is why they decided to stay in the area, tell them to visit Books for Cooks, the cute bookshop featured in the Notting Hill film where Hugh Grant works.

Books for Cooks The bookshop featured in the Notting Hill film where Hugh Grant's character works.
The bookshop featured in the Notting Hill film where Hugh Grant's character works.

Remember that the purpose of the welcome letter is not only to welcome guests but to make them aware of the most important details and answer any questions they may have.

4. Provide Your Airbnb Guests Plenty of Information on What Is Available in West London

Your guests may already know which attractions are close to your West London Airbnb since everything is available online. But it’s good to share your local knowledge since they may not find everything about what’s happening in West London online.

Visit the West London Visitor Information Centre and ask for copies of tourist brochures, which feature some of the famous attractions in the area. You could include local attractions such as the Kew Bridge Museum of Water & Steam. Music museum in Brentford, and Kew Gardens – all in West London. Include copies of menus from the top restaurants near your property. That way, when your guests arrive, they will have something to browse through.

Kew Gardens - West London
Kew Gardens - West London

Since there’s a good chance your guests may already have an idea of the top tourist sites in West London, it may be best to tell them about hidden gems in your neighbourhood. These are things they won’t be able to find much information about online.

Hogarth’s House, Chiswick, West London
Hogarth’s House, Chiswick, West London

For instance, if you’re in the Chiswick district, you can talk about the Chiswick House and Gardens, Hogarth’s House, and Fullers Griffin Brewery. Include information on how far these places are from your property and how they can get to these places.

Emery Walker House, West London
Emery Walker House, West London

Unknown to most tourists, West London is home to many unusual and quirky spots that your guests will be happy to explore. Tell them about the Kyoto Garden, a Japanese Zen Garden in Holland Park built during the 1992 Japanese festival in London. You can also tell them about Emery Walker’s House at Hammersmith Terrace.

Caractère, Notting Hill, West London
Caractère, Notting Hill, West London

Your guests will also be happy to know about the top dining spots in West London. So, include details about local restaurants in your area. In Notting Hill, talk about the Caractère, a French-Italian restaurant serving delicious food in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

By sharing your local knowledge, your guests will be delighted they have chosen to book your property and will most likely reward you with a 5-star review.

5. Create A West London Airbnb Guidebook

Some Airbnb hosts don’t find the need to have guidebooks in this day and age of the internet. But if you want to give your guests something to flick through that’s not on their digital device, consider having one. The guidebook should feature all the local amenities available in West London, including the best tourist attractions in West London and some attractive images of the area.

Example Guide - What to do in Richmond
Example Guide - What to do in Richmond

The guidebook is the first thing guests will notice upon checking in your property and is their first impression of you as a host, so make it as informative as possible. It should include essential details about your Airbnb property.

You can briefly review some of the house rules, but do not go into too much detail. Remember, the guidebook should serve as more of an invitation than a warning. Go over the basics, such as how to use the TV, provide the Wi-Fi details, and other information you want your guests to know.

It might require a bit of an effort to create a guidebook, but it’s one way to make guests feel comfortable in your place, something they will surely appreciate.

6. Give Guests Basic Instructions of West London Parking

Provide your guests with instructions regarding West London parking, especially if they are arriving at your place by car. London is a bustling city, and parking controls are necessary to maintain the proper flow of traffic and protect public spaces. To help your guests navigate easily by car, advise them on the basics of London parking rules and regulations.

Tell them about the parking areas reserved for permit holders only, such as local residents. These parking bays have a painted sign placed by the roadside. Also, tell them not to park in bays reserved for police vehicles, taxis, doctors, and the disabled. Otherwise, they will receive a PCN (Penalty Charge Notice), and their car will be clamped or towed.

West London Parking Zones
West London Parking Zones

You can also talk about parking and traffic charges in London, and other essential information you believe they should know. While this is not mandatory, little things like this will have your guests feeling special. By going out of your way to make their travel experience better in your own little ways, you’re helping yourself become a superhost in no time.

7. Include Local Produce Sourced from West London in Your Airbnb Welcome Basket

One of the most effective ways to show your guests that you’re willing to go above and beyond to ensure they will have an enjoyable and memorable stay is to offer welcome baskets.

Fruit and vegetable boxes of Lemon and Limes, West London
Fruit and vegetable boxes of Lemon and Limes, West London

Your welcome basket can contain different things but try to include goods produced and sourced in West London. For Airbnb hosts based in Chiswick, check out Lemon & Limes, a family-run business specialising in fresh fruits and veggies. They have fruit and vegetable boxes that can make for a perfect welcome gift to your Airbnb guests.

Amoret specialty coffee house, West London
Amoret specialty coffee house, West London

Airbnb hosts in Notting Hill can include Arabica coffees from Amoret on their welcome boxes. Amoret sells speciality coffees and has a cafe in Notting Hill, which you can also recommend to your guests.

You do not necessarily need to buy the most expensive welcome basket. You can include a few simple gifts, such as a box of chocolates or a gift card from your local restaurant or café. Even inexpensive gifts can surely make a difference to your guests. It’s one way of showing them that you are grateful for hosting them in your West London Airbnb.

8. Leave A Little Card Explaining How the Transport System in West London Works

London has some of the world’s largest public transport networks, which include underground train and bus systems spanning the city. It can be difficult for visitors to understand, especially those visiting for the first time.

While your guests can find information about London public transport online, they will appreciate it if you include a card with a brief explanation of how they can use the public transport system when going out and about in West London.

Visitor Oyster Card of London
Visitor Oyster Card of London

Include information about London’s bus route network and the nearest bus stop in your place. Tell them that these buses accept only cards, so they should get a Visitor Oyster Card.

You can also talk to them about the London Underground rail network, known as “The Tube,” which is a convenient way to get around London. Download the Free London travel maps and attach them to the card. It will serve as a guide for your guests when going around London.

By providing your guests with tips on how to use the public transport system in West London, you can earn their eternal gratitude. As a result, they will be delighted to give you a five-star review!

9. Provide a Selection of Offline Entertainment Based in West London

Nowadays, people rely on the internet for entertainment and everything else. But some guests would prefer something they can read or play offline.

Include local newspapers, magazines, and books in your Airbnb. Include local magazines, such as the latest edition of the London Magazine or the British Vogue.

Your guests will also be delighted to find offline-based entertainment in your West London property. So, try to have Playing Cards, Chess Board, Monopoly, Scrabble, or any board game to provide your guests with entertainment away from their devices.

These offline entertainment amenities will come in handy when the weather is not conducive to exploring outdoors. With the addition of newspapers, magazines, and board games, your guests will happily enjoy staying on your West London property during the rainy days and will rave about these in their reviews.

10. Offer Bikes for Guests to Use When Exploring West London

West London is home to some of the most beautiful parks, paths, and trails for cycling. As a treat to your guests, offer bikes that they can use for free. Aside from exploring West London and enjoying the fresh air, cycling is also a fun way for them to get some exercise while on vacation.

By offering complimentary use of bikes, you could earn more positive reviews from guests. It shows guests that you pay attention to the finer details, something that will make you stand out from the other West London Airbnb hosts, making it easier for you to become a superhost.

11. Surprise them With a Little West London Present for your Guests to Take Home

Giving gifts to guests that they can take home as souvenirs is a sure-fire way to leave a good, lasting impression, especially if you give something locally made.

A box of handmade chocolates, Melt, Holland Park, West London
A box of handmade chocolates, Melt, Holland Park, West London

If you are in Holland Park, delight your guest with a box of handmade chocolates from Melt, London’s most luxurious chocolates. You can talk a bit more about the chocolates being locally made.

For hosts based in Chiswick, visit The Good Wine Shop, and grab a bottle of wine to give as a take-home gift to your guests.

Taking the step to surprise your guests with take-home gifts will make them feel special, something they will remember and mention in their reviews.

The Good Wine Shop, West London
The Good Wine Shop, West London


Every Airbnb host dreams of becoming a superhost to reap the rewards that come with it. West London Superhosts will enjoy exclusive perks like increased bonus host referrals, higher booking rates, and more. So, if you’re interested in becoming one of West London’s superhosts, follow our tips above.

These tips worked well for many West London Airbnb hosts, and they will work for you, too. If you have any idea on what other things guests would expect from a West London Airbnb management service, feel free to share them.