The Ultimate Airbnb Home Essentials List – 50 Things Your Airbnb Needs Before You Start Hosting in 2024

Airbnb Home Essentials

So you have decided to let your property on Airbnb but don’t know which essentials to include?

If the answer is yes then read on!

As we know, short letting success is attributed to customer 5* reviews. Reviews ensure customer confidence which results in increased bookings, nightly rates and overall income for you.

To get these reviews you will need excellent customer service. You will also need basic items and amenities in your property. Below are those recommended basic items to include.

Some of these recommendations are essential, some are nice, but all are recommended!

We have also included a more succinct version in our Home Essentials Checklist which you can download here.

If you follow the recommended amenities here, combined with our management, you can be sure to get the coveted 5* reviews!

General Essentials

General Airnnb Essentials

Vacuum Cleaner

This will mainly be for your cleaner, but sometimes guests will also want to use it to remove dirt and footprints from floors, upholstery, draperies, and other surfaces.

Mop & Bucket

As above, this will mainly be for the cleaner, but guests may also want to use it if they accidentally spill something on the floor. In pet friendly Airbnbs these can be especially useful to mop up unwanted paw prints!


A recent Airbnb survey cites WiFi as being more important than even a kitchen! Don’t scrimp on your WiFi, make sure that you get a decent Internet Service provider and if your property is large be sure to invest in some range extenders to cover those areas not served by your router.

Smoke and CO2 detectors

The welfare of your guests should be your main concern. Not only is it law in some countries to have these including the UK, but they also save lives. Make sure that these are operating effectively and include spare batteries so that you or your maintenance manager can change when needed.

Fire extinguisher

If a small fire starts, a fire extinguisher can stop it from becoming a large fire. However, be sure to have a Fire safety and evacuation plan for your guests and display it prominently.

Iron and ironing board

It’s a great idea to include these, not only for business travellers but also in general.

Cleaning products

Most cleaning products such as oven cleaner, toilet cleaner, bleach, window cleaner and so on will need to be provided for the property’s cleaner. However, a range of cleaning products such as sponges, cloths, detergent, dishwasher tablets and bin liners also need to be provided for guests’ use, especially for those who are longer term guests.

Living room Essentials

Airbnb Living Room Essentials

Sofa or sofa bed

A sofa is an essential for comfort for your guests. But if you have limited space, a sofa bed is a great option for you to allow for higher occupancy to your guests. If you get the right one, they can blend in with your existing furniture. Guests may also want to stay in separate rooms for a variety of reasons so providing the option will certainly be of use. Remember to check with your guests if they will need access to a sofa bed so that you can prepare linen accordingly.

Coffee table with coasters

Useful so that your guests have a place to put their cup of tea/coffee/glass of wine after a hard days’ work or sightseeing.

City Guidebooks / Welcome booklet

Although there is a lot of information available online, it’s a great idea to have some ‘insider tips’ and information which is hard to search for online. Guests also enjoy a bit of respite from their screens from time to time. 

TV (With subscription services if possible)

Although many guests will have their own laptop or mobile, the availability of a television will certainly be welcomed as well as expected. It’s better to invest in a Smart TV or at least something like a Chromecast that brings Smart capability to a TV. If you can also include at least one streaming service such as Netflix or Amazon Prime this can make your guests’ stay much more enjoyable.

Lamps and lighting

Normal lights can be too bright to create the right ambiance in a room. Floor and table lamps can provide the requisite ambience for cosy nights in. Studies have shown that lighting and mood are directly linked, so getting the right combination is essential for your guests’ comfort. 

Wall Decorations

You should complement lighting by adding in additional furnishings such as pictures and artwork, preferably from local artists.

Dining Table and chairs

Your guests may want to enjoy a home cooked or takeaway meal around the dining table with their friends or family. Be sure to provide a table and chairs for them. They can also double up as a reading spot or working space. 


There are many benefits to your space having curtains in addition to their primary function of creating privacy. They can block out unwanted sun and exterior lighting, provide energy efficiency as well as blocking out noise.  Well chosen curtains also improve the aesthetics of your Airbnb’s décor.


Plants are a great way to improve the interior feel of your living room. Plants are not only essential for providing us with oxygen, they are also great for the mind. Studies have shown that plants Improve mood, reduce fatigue, lower stress and improve work performance. Note that artificial plants will also improve the ambiance of your living room and are much easier to maintain.

Kitchen Essentials

Airbnb Kitchen Appliances

Cooking condiments

Your guests may have come from far away or even if they are local they likely didn’t bring condiments with them. You know how it is when you just need a grain of salt of a spoonful of sugar and there is none available!


Your guests may have come from far away or even if they are local they likely didn’t bring condiments with them. You know how it is when you just need a grain of salt of a spoonful of sugar and there is none available!

Refrigerator & Freezer

Useful for food as well as chilling a bottle of wine after a hard days’ work/sightseeing.

Washing Machine

Although not used a lot, a washing machine is a great addition, especially for longer term stays.

Hob / Oven

For guests who may be cooking proper meals and also ideal for family stays.

Oven Gloves

Often overlooked to include in kitchens, oven gloves are a great addition and also safer for your guests. They can also save your tea towels / towels which may be used when no oven gloves are available!

Dryer and or Clothes Rack

With the unpredictable UK weather, a means to dry clothes quickly is a must! A heated clothes rack is perfect as they dry clothes quickly, safely [no shrinking!] and economically [lower electricity cost than dryers].

Dishwasher / sink drying rack

Dishwashers are incredibly handy as guests will often not want to do more work than necessary when away from home. However, if you don’t have the space be sure to include a drying rack as a bare minimum.

Kettle & Toaster

Two essentials which are likely to be frequently used by guests.

Coffee Machine / Cafetiere

Not essential but certainly desirable for coffee aficionados!

Chopping Board / Preparation Bowl

For gastronomic minded guests, these will be essential items for their stay.

Ice Tray

For the rare hot days the UK has, these will be invaluable for your guests to enjoy a cold drink.


Invest in a decent attractive looking bin that matches the décor of your kitchen.

Drink / Wine Glasses / Mugs and Cups

Provide your guests with a variety of drinking vessels so they can enjoy their favoured beverage.


Ensure that you have enough cutlery for the quantity of guests that will be staying. It’s a good idea to provide more in case some items go missing.

Cookware [Pots, frying pan, wok etc]

Provide a good selection for your guests as they will likely have different methods of cooking. If you are stuck for space, Tefal provides cookware with removable handles which can save precious storage space.

Cooking Utensils & Colander

To complement the cookware, have a well stocked drawer with utensils.

Knife Set and Peeler

Guests may need different knives depending on what they are preparing. A well stocked knife set will satisfy most guests.

Bottle Opener & Can Opener

Often missing from kitchens but often essential items. Providing these can also prevent damage to your worktops when guests may use DIY methods of trying to open bottles/cans!

Cheese Grater

Always a gouda-dittion to a kitchen for cheese lovers!

Bedroom Essentials

Airbnb Bedroom Essentials

Beds with comfortable mattresses

Make sure that you provide enough beds for the amount of guests staying. Invest in good quality beds and don’t scrimp on mattresses. The priority of Airbnb owners should be the comfort of their guests. The finest hotels invest in high quality mattresses that provide both comfort and support, so you should do the same!

Mattress topper if needed for extra comfort

Mattress toppers can provide the feeling of a luxury mattress but at a much lower cost. They also provide the bed with more longevity so is a great idea to include one in your bedroom(s).

Bedding & Towels

Provide 2 pillows per guest (2x Single, 4x Double) and an all-duvet. Also include one towel per guest.

Include an all-seasons duvet. This is essentially two separate duvets that have a different Tog [warmth] ratings. One duvet is a lighter, for warmer months and the other is heavier, for cooler months. But you can combine the two which are perfect for colder, winter months.

Bedside table and lamp

These help create the right ambience and convenience for your guests.

Colourful soft furnishings such as cushions

Cushions can really improve the look and feel of your bedroom. They offer increased comfort as well as adding texture, colour and pattern to the bedroom.

Curtains/Blinds (preferably blackout)

Curtains can help give a bedroom a warm homely feeling. Blinds may be preferred depending your existing bedroom aesthetic. Both serve the primary function of privacy but can also help block out street lights and external noise.

Wardrobe / Hanging Space

Airbnb guests know that they are staying in someone’s home so your wardrobe doesn’t need to be completely empty. However make sure that you provide enough space and hangers for the amount of people inhabiting the room.

Waste Basket

Sometimes overlooked, you should provide a waste basket in each bedroom.


Your guests may well forget their hairdryer so it’s a great idea to include one. Even if your guests do not normally use one, if they get caught in wet weather, a hairdryer can give comfort more quickly upon their return home!

Bedroom Rug

Especially when you have wooden floors, rugs can create a warm feeling for a room and feel much warmer to walk over.

Mattress Protector

Unlike your mattress, mattress protectors are easily machine washable. Spills can and do occur. If you are a pet friendly Airbnb you should definitely include one as Rover may also sleep on the med with his muddy paws!

Dressing Table

A well chosen dressing table can do wonders for your room’s aesthetic. It also doubles as a place to sit and write. 

Full Body Mirror

A full length mirror in a bedroom is great for when your guests are getting ready. There are also added benefits that include making your bedroom appear larger, lighter and more elegant.

Wall Decoration

Well chosen wall decorations are a great addition to any bedroom. Minimalistic is the key here. Keep an eye on current trends to know what is in vogue.

Bathroom Essentials

Airbnb Bathroom Essentials

Toothbrush Holder

A toothbrush holder is a more hygienic way to store toothbrushes than leaving them on a sink, something which your guests willl likely appreciate. 

Shower, hand and hair wash products

Your guests may arrive without these products for a variety of reasons including forgetting or cabin baggage restrictions. Some guests also expect a hotel/home hybrid experience so it’s a good idea to include these for your guests.

Large mirror, preferably full-length

Not only will a full length mirror allow your guests to preen themselves, there are added benefits that include making your bathroom appear larger, lighter and more elegant. It’s highly recommended to include one in your bathroom!

Extractor fan

It’s unlikely that your guests want a sauna experience in their bathroom so it’s essential to provide a means to rid the air of condensation. In colder climes it can be uncomfortable to open a window, and sometimes depending on your space, there may be no window at all. So in these situations a fan is essential.

Toilet plunger, toilet brush and toilet brush holder

We won’t go into too much detail about the uses of these, but needless to say, they are certainly essentials for your bathroom!

Shower with shower curtain

Surveys have found that the majority of people prefer a shower over a bath so be sure to cater for the majority of your guests. Be sure to keep an eye on your shower curtain as these can become mouldy after some time and will likely need to be replaced as the mould can become ingrained. A shower is also a good idea as it uses less water and is therefore better for the environment.


This should be self-evident but can be something that can sometimes be overlooked in a bathroom.

Heated Towel Rail

Not essential, but certainly a nice luxury that your guests will likely appreciate.


The success of your Airbnb will likely come down to 3 attributes. The first is customer service, how you deal with and respond to guests. The second is the condition of the property, how it looks and is it clean. But you will also be assessed on the facilities in the home. You can maximise the success of your Airbnb by making sure that you have the 50 things listed above!

Tell us what would other tips would you recommend?

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