How to write an Airbnb profile and description in 2022

If you haven’t written your Airbnb profile and description, you may be missing out on a lot of opportunities as a host and decreasing your chances of guests booking with you!

Like any other online platform, Airbnb has its own algorithm. For example, all social media platforms (e.g TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram) boost the profile account of the media or content creators with the most views and relevance and put them at the forefront; your Airbnb profile is the same.

Airbnb prioritises host and guest profile accounts that are streamlined and easy to read.

However, there are two types of people on the Airbnb – Person A and Person B:

1.) Person A is the type who doesn’t take advantage of everything the app has to offer (in terms of optimisation),

2.) Person B he’s the kind of person who gets down to optimising every aspect of his account profile and description for the best Airbnb experience.

Think about it from a guest's perspective.

Imagine that you receive two requests from two separate guests for the same days. One guest has a full profile which has a family photo, detailing their likes, family life and so on. The other guest has zero information and no profile picture. 

Which guest would you choose to stay in your home?

As an Airbnb guest, it is important that they make themselves presentable. A good profile and description helps to build trust. Airbnbis about relationships, and good relationships are built on trust. That’s why faceless accounts are often rejected when they request a reservation.

It’s much the same as a host. An effective Airbnb host is expected to maintain a high profile. In addition to being fully verified, a well-crafted profile and description can help complement and amplify who you are and the type of accommodation you offer.

Learn how to write and optimise your Airbnb account profile and description to boost your listing, engage potential guests, and get your reservations approved every time, with additional pro tips.

The Basics

The purpose of writing a carefully crafted and effective Airbnb profile description comes down to 2 things. 1 to get the best out of the Airbnb experience and 2 to make life easier.

These things can be achieved if you are willing to do the extra work of introducing yourself through your use of words.

The good news is that if you are sure that you are good at communicating through your words, then you are probably on the right track to successfully pull off this part!

Ok so let’s move on how you can create an effective Airbnb description and profile!

Location of the property

After the type of property, we must take into account the location. The standard price of the properties can vary according to the location and the demand of the area.

In some cases, location affects prices due to its uniqueness. If the property is on a remote island, people are likely to stay longer, so higher nightly rates work better to cater for these.

1. Describe yourself

This is basic marketing with the use of written words.

A proper description is like a professional profile. Its main objective is to help you introduce yourself and describe yourself or the place you are renting. It is proven to be effective if done right.

A proper description is like a professional profile. Its main objective is to help you introduce yourself and describe yourself or the place you are renting. It is proven to be effective if done right.

In most cases, a well-written profile and description are the selling point that will determine if your listing will be considered or not for a rental. 

Look at other superhosts on Airbnb and read their descriptions. Superhosts tend to have the best descriptions. See if you can tailor your own profile by using their profiles as a template. You are much more likely to receive bookings and good reviews if you have a good profile as proven by the superhosts themselves!

It’s easy to spot a well-written cover article, as there’s a big difference between a good and a bad profile and description. Below are some examples of information you can use.

Things you can include in your description:

your hobbies and interests

Common interests are always a key part to maintaining relationships. Include your interests to help paint a picture of who you are.

For example:
“I love to paint the beautiful scenery behind the house during the evening hours.”
“I love watching movies, collecting movie posters and merchandise.”
“I enjoy sports and would love to meet soccer-loving guests.”

Where you like to travel

Travel is certainly a common trait amongst Airbnb guests and hosts alike. Include your favourites here to build rapport with your guests.

For example:
“What I like the most is going to Asian countries.”
“I used to travel a lot in Canada, Latin America and Australia.”
“Meeting new people is so much fun.”
“Visiting Vietnam was the most life-changing experience for me. I keep going back.”

Your work

People are always curious about your occupation and can make assumptions about them. Include this here to help build your profile in the eyes of your guests.

For example:
“I am an English teacher.”
“I am a professional chef and entrepreneur who owns the restaurant next to the Airbnb you will be staying at.”
“I’m a paediatrician and blogger.”

Your favourite sports, books, foods, movies, music, etc.

This might be useful if your airbnb is near a concert or music venue. If you have a library of books and music this could also be appreciated.

For example:
“Football is the sport I choose.”
“I love reading Agatha Christie books.”
“I love listening to songs by The Beatles and Queen.”

Languages that you speak

If you are lucky enough to be multilingual include this here – you may even be more likely to get guests who speak your language!

For example:
“I speak 3 languages: English, French and Japanese.”
“I stayed in Korea for 8 years and I can speak the Korean language like a native.”
“I can speak English and German.”

Family status

A family profile is always good to include as people are inquisitive by nature and some guests will make a decision based upon this information.

For example:
“I have been married for 17 years to my lovely wife and we have 4 children”.
“I am a single mother with 2 children who are in high school and college.”

First of all, research similar Airbnb properties in your chosen area. Find out which dates are usually booked and at what prices. This will give you an idea of ​​how competitors adjust seasonal and regular prices.

Of course your profile and description will vary depending on whether you are an Airbnb host or guest. But as a rule, it’s good to

If you're a host, describe your Airbnb by mentioning the elements, style of accommodation, guests you're targeting, theme or inspiration of the place you're renting. Get creative with your words and make sure you're painting a picture in the minds of your potential guests. Don't forget to mention that you love meeting new people.

When writing your profile description, make sure to keep it to 3-5 paragraphs, consisting of 2-3 sentences only. Make it easy for your readers to read and use bullet points if possible.

2. Verify your Airbnb account and contact details

One way to build credibility and trust in Airbnb is to verify your account. Verified accounts also get access to more exclusive features of Airbnb.

3 ways to verify your Airbnb profile:

It is recommended that you fully verify your Airbnb account in order to access all the exclusive verified features of Airbnb.

If you want to be a professional and authentic Official Host, verification is expected and required before you can post an Airbnb listing.

There is also the option to connect your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Google. This also helps build trust. By linking your Airbnb profile with your social networks, you are allowing future hosts and/or guests to take a look at your online activities and to build a better picture of you.

It's important that you don't over-share your information on Airbnb. It's okay and completely normal if you don't feel comfortable sharing your personal social media accounts. But be sure to make up for it in another way. Remember that credibility and trust are at the heart of Airbnb.

3. Choosing Your Airbnb Profile Picture

The perfect Airbnb profile photo is one that shows your face clearly with a big smile.

Make sure that both your eyes and face are clearly visible and that your hair is combed. Put on your best clothes. Treat it as if you were applying for a job: offer the best version of yourself.

If you do, you’ll be ahead of most Airbnb users. It may seem easy and simple, but many people find it difficult to use a good profile picture.

Show your best smile in your profile picture! Try and be natural as people can generally tell a genuine smile from a staged one so maybe think of something that amuses you!

Ask around your friends and family to see if you know any keen photographers. They will often be more than happy to help with your lighting and styling.

4. Submitting Good Reviews

In case you are using one of those Airbnb host profiles, the key point to keep in mind is to get your good Airbnb reviews. The more good reviews you get, the more likely you are to reach the coveted first page.

Airbnb labels the best of the best profiles as Superhosts. They are the elite of all Airbnb hosts. Make it your goal to become one of them, and always be up to the task to offer the best accommodation experience and services that your guests would love to come back to and recommend to their friends.

For newly registered Airbnb hosts, I suggest you read our article “The ultimate Guide to getting your first bookings on Airbnb”.

Superhosts, for the reason that they are top performers, tend to be in the front seat. This also means that they earn more than most ordinary Airbnb hosts. In fact, according to Airdna, Superhosts can expect up to 50% more revenue than non-superhosts.

Lessons to be learned

Max Nightly Rate Strategy

Today we learned the 4 essentials to writing a good Airbnb host profile description for both your personal and Airbnb business which can be broadly summarised as follows:

1. Describe yourself

2. Verification and contact details

3. How to choose your Airbnb profile photo

4. Submit good reviews

Now that you have enough knowledge on how you can write a good Airbnb profile description, it is time for you to start typing. Before submitting it is always a good idea to get what you have written checked by someone to make sure not only that there are no spelling or grammar errors, but also that your profile is attractive to potential guests.

Airbnb guests want the authentic experience of a host who is local to the area. Besides the fact that they are putting their trust in you, who they don’t know. If you want to stay ahead of the competition as an Airbnb host, give them the authentic local experience you’d like to have when you’re on the road.

If you want to learn how to start an Airbnb business, check out our article “How to start a profitable Airbnb business”.

What is your favourite takeaway here? Do you have any other profile tips that we have missed?

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