11 Most Important Things to Include in your Airbnb House Manual

Providing your guests with an Airbnb House Manual is one of the most important things you can do as a host.

In this article, I’m going to show you 11 things to consider when writing the perfect Airbnb home manual. You will maximise the experience of your guests,and your chances of a 5-star review!

The Airbnb home manual is likely the first thing a guest will read, once they enter your home. As such, it’s important to make a good first impression and also set the ground rules early on.

Airbnb is an experience-based platform. Therefore, a well-written guide means your guests will have a great experience. It also means that they will be more likely to respect your house rules.

It could be the difference between getting a 5 star rating or not!

So let’s get straight to it. These are the 11 most important things to include in your Airbnb home manual.

1. Leave a nice welcome note

I find it best to start with a welcome note. Something short and close, adding an element of fun wouldn’t go amiss either.

But it is better to keep it short. Start with something like “Welcome to our home. We are very happy that you have decided to book with us and we hope you have a pleasant stay.”

But it is better to keep it short. Start with something like “Welcome to our home. We are very happy that you have decided to book with us and we hope you have a pleasant stay.”

Next, go on to add a couple of paragraphs explaining the highlights of your property. You might want to mention that it’s just a short walk to a local park, for example. Also write that your TV has Netflix, or that a great restaurant is only two streets away. It’s always good to include a hidden gem, one that might not be found online on Tripadvisor, Foursquare, Yelp etc.

Don’t go into too much detail, just 3-4 paragraphs will suffice to welcome you into the Airbnb home manual.

2. Include your contact details in the Airbnb home manual

This is self-explanatory but important. It is more than likely that your guests will want to contact you during their stay. I have it on the first page of my Airbnb home manual template.

I recommend providing various forms of contact information. A phone number and email address are the obvious ones. Another common way to chat is through a chat program like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

Airbnb’s built-in chat program can also be helpful. But keep in mind that not all guests have a smartphone, let alone have the Airbnb app installed. Their stats may have been booked by a more tech-savvy relative or friend!

3. Be as clear as possible about Check In and Check Out times

Let me stress the importance of being very clear in your check in and check out times. Write it in bold on the first page of your Airbnb house manual template so guests don’t miss it.

When I first started hosting, I lost count of the number of times guests were late checking out. If you still have problems, this post will help you.

My belief was that the check-in and check-out times were clear on the listing. I was wrong, in fact the guests often didn’t even see it, so I came up with a new idea.

On the first page of my Airbnb home manual, I write the checkout time in bold and underline it. I write it in a reasonable size font, so the guest will definitely see it.

It worked! It is now rare for guests to stay too long past checkout time and writing it in the manual is the key reason this changed.

I recommend that you be clear about what to do at check out as well. Here are some ideas:

  • Turn off all lights and heating/cooling
  • Put the key back in the safe
  • Please close all windows and doors
  • Place used towels on the bathroom floor

Of course there will be specific rules for our own property but these are just some ideas to include.

4. Restaurant recommendations

It’s important to write a list of restaurant recommendations. More often than not your guest will be visiting your city for the first time.

Guests choose Airbnb because it provides the experience of living like a local. So why not help them enhance their experience by providing a list of nearby restaurants.

I list about ten restaurants that I like close to home. I try to cover as many different cuisines as possible. Mexican, Spanish tapas, Thai, Indian, good fish restaurants, sports bars, you name it.

Write a short little summary, no more than a sentence or two on each restaurant. I like to write why I like the restaurant, and also list how far away it is and if there are any delivery options.

One thing I recommend including is vegetarian or vegan restaurants. It can be difficult to locate food options to suit these needs when people travel. So this is a valuable addition and your guests will be grateful.

You should also consider creating saved responses in case a guest doesn’t read the manual. These are saved Airbnb message templates that can be used when communicating with guests.

5. Include the best attractions

If a guest is coming to stay in your city, then they will most likely want to check out some of the nearby attractions. I know I want to do it when I travel.

Most likely, a guest will go to Google to search for attractions in the area. But, what I find useful is to list some of the lesser known attractions. Things that search engines may not show you.

You live in the city, so you should know some of the must-sees. Can there be a nice park or some hiking trails nearby? You could report a cheap bike rental place or if there is a lake with canoe rentals available. The list is endless.

I like to list things like movie theatres, museums, popular streets, swimming pools, etc. There is even a ghost tour in my town that I list in the house manual, which has proven popular.

The more things you can list, the better. Your guest will appreciate it and a happy guest equals a happy review.

6. List the best shopping options in the Airbnb home manual

It should come as no surprise that purchases appear on this list. Be sure to include it in your guide.

What I include is a list of 3 or 4 places in the city that are good areas for shopping. People will want to know where the most popular and nearby malls and shopping streets may be in your city. You should also list nearby supermarkets or convenience stores.

Independent and boutique shopping malls / areas can also be a great addition to your manual!

Listing when and when your local farmers markets are is another great idea. Your Airbnb guests have reserved your place so they can cook, so why not give them access to the best products.

Write down how far away these locations are and let your guests know if they are within walking distance or not.

I dedicate a large part of my Airbnb house manual template towards shopping, as it is such useful information.

7. Transportation Nearby

A list of transportation options is a crucial element in your guide. Especially if your house is some distance from the city centre.


If your Airbnb home is in the center of a large capital city, listing transportation options is of more importance. Odds are there will be a subway station, so be sure to list the nearest station and show a screenshot of the station map.


It also lists the names of stations near shopping malls, stadiums, and attractions. Remember, your guests have no idea where anything is.


If there is a bus stop across the road, include this in your guide. You can also highlights on places that the bus goes past if appropriate. 


List if Uber is available in your city, as well as provide a phone number for the taxi service. 


Also, keep in mind how many minutes it is by car from the nearest airport.

8. Guide your guests through each room

Providing information to guests is a crucial part of my Airbnb house manual template.


This will be a guest’s first time visiting your home so it’s important that they know where everything is and how everything works.


Start with the kitchen. Let them know the location of the bins, where the dishwashing tablets and cleaning supplies are. Write guides on how the oven and other appliances work.


It’s a good idea to let your guests know that they must clean their own dishes. Cleaning the dishes adds time to your day. 


All of these things sound self-explanatory, but believe me, things can (and do) go wrong. It’s best to make it clear!


Provide instructions on how to use the TV or DVD player. Let them know where the air conditioning and heating controls are. If your TV has Netflix or HBO, let your guests know and let them know the password.


Let your guests know if there are spare pillows, blankets and clean bedding. If you don’t currently have these, it’s a good idea to have them in for your guests!


Like I said, this all sounds self-explanatory. But it has been my experience that the easier it is to do, the more comfortable the guest will be.

9. WiFi details

Please, please, display your WiFi details in an obvious place! I have a special section in my Airbnb house manual template especially for this.


I like to write it on the opening page of my manual. Over the years I’ve had more people text me for WiFi login details than I’ve had for other items around the house.


Make sure you write it in a big enough font in a clear way. People won’t see it, believe me.


In fact, it’s a good idea to put a sticker on the front of your manual with your username and password so you can’t miss it. (Some still do…)

10. Parking Instructions

If there is parking available you should definitely write this in your manual.


You likely have parking listed on your Airbnb profile. So it’s important to reaffirm this in your manual as well.


Guests will want to know if they can park their car on your premises or if there is a charge for off-street parking. There is nothing worse than coming home with a parking ticket.


If you are in a capital city with limited parking, you must be clean. Include maps and details of nearby parking garages, and be sure to list 24-hour costs.

11. Include emergency information

Emergency details are a common item that people often overlook in their manuals.


Always list the contact details of the nearest hospital, doctor, pharmacy and medical centers. Having this information will provide your guests with a lot of comfort.


I have a small fridge magnet in my homes with details of local emergency contacts. Be sure to visit your local pharmacy or medical center, as they will surely provide one for you at home.


Include numbers of plumbers, electricians, handymen, etc. This is more to provide convenience in the event that a guest cannot reach you.


Including little things like this is a smart idea. It can even help you get better Airbnb reviews.


So we have covered many things that you should include in your manual. Some of the more important are listed below:

  • Sample house rules
  • Restaurant recommendations
  • Wifi details
  • How to use house services
  • Local attractions
    List of nearby shopping centres
  • Nearest hospitals and medical centres
  • How to use local transportation

The aim of every Airbnb host should be to provide the highest level of service and hospitality to your guests. By having a house manual you can certainly go a long way to achieving that!

Tell us what would your include in your Airbnb manual and why?

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